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We actually like to call these Fast Answered Questions! Sharpening is a mysterious business, so Rocky Mountain Sharp Shop wants to take away that mystery and replace it with Sharp Answers! Don't see your question here? Call us - 970-669-0542.

  •  How do I know if my tool is dull?  Is it turning your steak into shredded beef? Are you sawing at that tomato? Cutting your lawn everyday? Or are you saw blades shining instead of cutting? It's Time! Give us a call or stop by if you are unsure.
  •  Is it cheaper to sharpen my tools v.s. buying them new?  Let's face it, we are a throw-away society. Shame on you as your Grandfather would say! Yes, in most cases it is less expensive to get your tools sharpened rather than buying new ones. Save your money for fun things instead!
  •  How long is your turn around time?  My average turn around time is 1 week or less.  We do our best to accommodate our clients time frame and needs. Need it really quick? Most of the time we can offer same-day service for an additional fee. Ask us!