Northern Colorado's Full-Service, Friendly Sharpening Shop!

What to Expect

A friendly greeting.

We want you to feel welcome when you walk in our door!


Genuine Service

You are our best customer! That's right; when you walk in our door, you are the most important person around!


Professional Treatment

We will do our absolute best for you and on all your sharpening needs. No compromise!

Rocky Mountain Sharp Shop can sharpen nearly all your Kitchen Cutlery, Scissors, Hunting and Outdoor, Garden, Industrial, and Carbide tools and equipment. Do your scissors cut like plastic? Do your chopped tomatoes turn to mush? Cutting fabric leave you with frayed ends? Industrial clients longing for more precision? WE CAN MAKE YOU SHARP!

We are locally owned and operated and we support reuse, recycle, and refurbish. Since the mid 60's we have been green in  Commercial and Residential applications by restoring your tools and equipment back to or better than their original design and

Rocky Mountain Sharp Shop is Proud of its Integrity and Business Ethics. What Does This All Mean For You? We Can Help Make Your Image Sharp!

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